"One day I had this thought 'I just really want to feel love from my family!'
Then I got this phone call from my mother saying 'Laurel your dad and I want to invite you and your girlfriend over for dinner and games in a couple of weeks.'
That struck a chord because that was the first time that has ever happened, and I was like 'OK awesome!
The Lord is so in our lives and He recognizes what we want and need and He brings those miracles and tender mercies. With that kind gesture my parents offered me, my heart began to soften, my layers started peeling off, and I started to feel that love and to believe it again."

Laurel shares her story of trying her hardest to serve a mission despite health challenges.

After coming home early from her mission for the second time, she describes the struggles she experienced.

Laurel tried finding happiness outside of the church, and eventually was led back after feeling God reaching out to her.

Laurel now finds peace & joy by serving as a temple worker.