Dusty Smith converted to the church, served a mission, and was pen pals with Elder Perry.

After encountering "anti-Mormons" for the first time, he started researching church topics that he had never heard before In church history.

Dusty left the church for 26 years.

He spent those years doing everything he could to tear down the church. He debated In online forums with members, trying to prove the church wasn't true.

After many miracles, including a priesthood blessing and a miraculous healing.. Dusty came back.

One of his favorite people to debate the church with, had been putting his name on the temple prayer roll for years. Dusty says his love and prayers led to his coming back.

Dusty baptized, and was sealed to his wife.

Now he does everything he can to make up for his years of attacking... including having his story of redemption told by Elder Uchtdorf In conference.

Dusty's message to you: "Remember, Heavenly Father love you as much as if you were the only person on the planet. No matter what happens In your life, Heavenly Father will always believe In you."