"I would tell my mom, it's just so enlightening. That's the only word I could think of when I would talk to her, that it's so enlightening. So I'm doing all these things, and everything at home is a big fat mess. But everything I was learning at church just all made sense. And it's funny because I had learned those things before, but now it was different because I was trying to gain my own testimony. Everything just clicked for me, the restoration made sense and I wanted to learn more. I really wanted the husband to go on this journey with me, but he just wasn't really having it. So things got pretty bad where I felt like he needed to move out. I remember every step I would take, I would pray like, 'okay, Heavenly Father, I think this is the right thing. I'm going to do it unless you tell me not to,' is usually how I would approach it. And every time I did that, it was almost right afterwards I would get some kind of confirmation blessing that told me yes."

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