"I still remember the very day that I was with my family again for the first time when my wife decided that was ok. We went to Hogle Zoo in the dead of winter in January. It was one of the most beautiful memories I have ever had. I can still picture it so vividly. We were almost the only ones at the zoo, the snow was lightly falling, and it was such a spiritual and beautiful moment. I looked at my wife and my two boys and I was thinking I know this is what I want. I started to have that celestial mindset which shifted my whole perspective on life and how I live it now."

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains sensitive content that may be triggering or offensive to some audiences. Parental discretion is advised.


JUSTIN BREY 𝌻 - Co-Founder / CEO - Heare Brotherhood | LinkedIn
After spending years in the marketing and branding world, Iv turned my attention to something I’m passionate about.<br><br>Men’s Mental Health. <br><br>My mission and passion is to cure the pandemic of loneliness and to FORGE a global brotherhood. <br><br>—————————————<br><br>— MY STORY —<br><br>In…
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