"I remember my dad, he sent me an apologetic video – initially I was like 'dad I don't want to listen to this pseudo scholarship, this mental gymnastics the church isn't what it claims to be, come on give it a rest.' He was like just watch it. I sort of recognized that I'm not being very open-minded, I'm not willing to listen. I'd already come to a firm conclusion so I was like fine I'll watch it. It was by a guy called Bruce Porter and it was about the connections and correspondences and parallels between our temple endowment and ancient Egyptian temple rituals. If I'm being intellectually honest and consistent, just as I couldn't deny that there are things which are similar - if not identical, between a Masonic ritual and the temple endowment, there were things which correspond quite well. So I was like, 'okay, I can understand why a true believer they might think that the temple endowment is like a restoration of an ancient temple ritual.' So that sort of sparked some curiosity and I started to explore more evidence for things like this."

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Hi everybody welcome to my channel, Mormonism with the Murph! The goal of this channel is to do a fair and objective analysis into the controversial aspects of the LDS Church’s History, Doctrine, Truth Claims and History! I grew up in the Church, had a strong testimony the church and gospel was true, served a mission etc. But at age 22 I lost my faith encountering some troubling parts of church history. I had experiences that brought me back to the faith and the last couple of years I have gone back and forth between critics and apologists over many of these issues. I aim to balanced, fair and to look at both sides of the argument and eliminate my bias. I will be researching different topics and interview experts, historians and scholars to discuss many of these topics! Please like, comment, share and subscribe to my channel!