"I started to get promptings and I was like, 'I'm going to go read the Bible at the temple.' I still had no inclination of going back to the church. Zero. So why did that make sense to me? I don't know. But I went to the temple and parked in the parking lot and just read my Bible at five in the morning. There was one morning when I was just reading the Bible in the temple parking lot and had words in my mind that I knew weren't mine. It just said, 'you need to go to the temple.' And I was like, 'God, I hear you, but what other churches have temples? Because that's not the one that I want to go to.' But I was like, message received. Then it took some time, and I started to feel promptings that I should open the Book of Mormon. This was all in secret because I knew that Melissa wouldn't approve or that it would upset her. So I was reading the Book of Mormon and then at some point this really strong witness came that this was the church that I needed to be going to."

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