"When I was in Young Women's, one of the themes was... I'm a daughter of Heavenly Father who loves us and we love Him. You always say those things but I never really thought about what it really meant. And then I really thought about it one time, like, I'm a daughter of Heavenly Father. Which means if I have inherited things from my earthly parents, I must have inherited things from my heavenly parents. That means I have a divine potential. We all have divine potential! Which means that we can do things that we cannot even imagine. There are people doing things around us that we never thought possible until somebody does it. Just the knowledge that I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father and Mother and that they really love me. They know me. They know everything about me. They know more about me than I know. Knowing that gives me so much strength. So now every day I use this as an affirmation. I say to myself, I'm a daughter of heavenly parents. I have divine potential. I have the power to overcome everything. I have Christ -like love inside of me. I receive this love from others and I give this love to other people. Doing this makes me strong, it helps me keep the commandments."

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