"There was this amazing thing that happened at Carthage Jail. There was a guy there, a college -age guy, who was in sweats, like total travel clothing. We went up to the room where John Taylor sang the song, 'Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief ' they usually just play a recording of that song but this guys mom put him on the spot and said, 'my son is a music major. He's about to graduate and he knows this song, would it be okay if he sang the song?, He got up and sang that song so beautifully and music speaks to me. The spirit has spoken to me through music so many times. I just feel the spirit in songs so much. Something transitioned for me there. It was just so real life for me that he was standing up there singing so beautifully, he knew the words, and was put on the spot and yet did such a rockin job at it."

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