"I may be crazy, but I'm not crazy because I joined the church, it is one of the few good decisions that I have made in my life. I have investigated everything I can find about the church. I've read every negative publication that is noteworthy, I've listened to people share their exit stories. The only reason that I am here is because it is true, The reason I know it is true is because of the experiences that I have had. I hope if someone is thinking about coming back, just do it. Your life will be better, your posterity will thank you for making it through the hard times. I believe all the Church's truth claims. I am happy to be here and that I am still a member going to church."

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‎Religion & Spirituality · 2023
Come Back Podcast
Sharing stories of coming back to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. If you have a story of coming back email ashly.comebackpodcast@gmail.com for business inquiries email lauren.comebackpodcast@gmail.com